New A1 requirement to make the world greener

21st March 2012

Our latest Retail & Leisure acquisition client is on the cusp of making the world greener with their branch of enviromentally friendly dry cleaners.

Traditionally, this industry uses materials such as perchloroethylene  to get results, unfortunately this is a strong toxin and responsible for contaminating the air we breathe along with the water we rely on. It is also toxic for our health.

Now Blanc are looking for space to change this. They need an A1 unit between 700 Sq Ft and 2000 Sq Ft that is within 100 meters of an underground station.

The area would be an affluent one with a high footfall and preferably in West London.

Please get in touch with either Lauren Leach or David Toubian to recommend a unit or email them here.