Project: Shoreditch Village!

23rd January 2013

Living in London, the idea of relaxing in an idyllic village somehow seems quite far away. However, a new project has been submitted by Hackney council which has been dubbed by the developer Ellis Miller; ‘Shoreditch Village.’

If plans go ahead, 150,000 sq ft of Shoreditch will become the first permanent regeneration project in the area since the completion of new Spitalfields Market in 2005. The redevelopment would be both retail and mixed use, complete with offices, hotels, new homes and crucially, the project will preserve the listed buildings on the site.

Since Shoreditch is right in the heart of London’s creative district, the plan will reflect the progressive and highly eclectic mix of the area. The attractions will include a covered market offering local and international food, the development hopes to attract cutting edge brands and sub-brands and provide inspirational stores to appeal to the area’s broader culture. The project will also include 42,000 sq ft of A1 retail space and A3 dining space as well as office space and a hotel on its upper floors.

What Shoreditch Village hopes to offer is something very far from the traditional country village and seems more like a vibrant and exciting development.  Although this project might have the village framework set, it certainty has a Shoreditch twist.